Must read and share!!!. See What A wrong henna dye did to a lady’s hand.(photos)

She only wanted a temporary mark but now it seems the mark is going to last forever…

According to the doctor who shared the picture on his wall In Twitter, the lady was said to have used the wrong dye. The dye was mixed with a dangerous substance which was only meant to make the dye look more darker and last little bit longer..

See what he wrote below ;

“Natural henna will give a brownish-orange color to the skin when applied (red henna), but the colour usually darkens to brown eventually

The longer henna is in contact with your skin, the darker the color will be, other things can be added to give different shades like lemon oil. Not everybody will have this reaction to black henna, but if you do, it can be really painful!

The reactions can start as soon as 2 days but the effects are lasting for life.

Some may not have this reaction at all. But that’s not where it stops. You run the risk of getting sensitized to the black Henna, what does it mean? It means that if you ever get exposed again, you may develop a life threatening reaction to it.

There is the case of a woman who died from a reaction to hair dye she had used before

What do you do?Natural Henna is never black. If it’s black, please avoid. If you have ever had a reaction to black Henna, no matter how little, avoid using hair dyes that contain p-Phenylenediamine or Toluene-2,5-diamine.

If you have a reaction, see a doctor immediately”

See photos below;

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