Groom Cancels wedding on their way to the church. (Video)

A video currently trending on social media has left many people in shock after the groom cancelled his wedding to his bride, on their way to the church venue for the ceremony in Abuja.

In the video, the groom stops the car in which the bride is being conveyed in. While staring from his phone to the confused bride and back to his phone, he asks her out of the car and shows the contents of the phone to her

The bride begins her attempt at pacifying a visibly angry and shocked groom as she goes down on her knees to beg. She however fails to calm him down as he is later heard screaming at her “the wedding is over.

Judging from the video, the crowd is left in confusion as his groomsmen try to convince him to calm down and get into the car. At some point, the brother to the bride is seen attempting to confront him over making his sister upset as the crowd grows.

The content on the phone is not known. A woman can be seen shouting ‘ I warned you!’

Watch video below:

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