Man beaten to pulp by Neighbors for always assaulting his mother. (Video)

A young man who had gotten used to assaulting his mother almost everyday and at anytime he feels like it, especially when he comes back and can’t find nothing to eat got the beating of his life from his neighbours who decided to teach him a lesson.

After he was caught beating his mother by neighbours, they dragged him out of the house and badly beat him to teach him a lesson, after which they asked him to prostrate and say he will never beat his mother again.

Speaking in Yoruba, he was asked to say repeatedly, “Mo ni no iya mi mo” meaning i will never beat my mother again. The neighbours then started playing a song after he had been inflicted with several injuries and commanded him to start dancing.

As he danced, he was asked to continue chanting that he will never beat his mother again.

Watch the video below.

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