One man can impregnant 9 women in 9 months, one woman can only get pregnant once in 9 months even if she slept with 9 men everyday in 9 months, so men should be placed on the birth control pills instead of women.. Tonto Dike. (photo)

Actress and mother of one, Tonto Dike have gone to share her concerns about birth controls and the need it is for it to be more for men than women..

In her post on Instagram she wrote:

“one man can impregnant 9 women every day for 9 months. Those are 2430 thousand pregnancies..

One woman can only get pregnant once in within 9 months, even if if she beds 9 men everyday within 9 months. That’s only one pregnancy.

So clearly, society is placing the birth control responsibility on the wrong gender.

Science is busy making pills, and hormone altering devices for the wrong person.

The culprit is known and on the loose.”

See post below;

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