WOW!!!: Mercy Johnson and husband expecting baby No 4. Makes public announcement. (photos).

Nollywood Actress and mother of 3 Actress Mercy Johnson Okojie had made known to the world that she and her husband are expecting baby no 4..

Last week on her last daughter’s birthday there was a remour that she was pregnant and today with joy and extreme happiness she Announces it publicly to her followers.

Saying she have always wanted four babies her life…

She wrote ;

“We’re having a baby. I’ve always wanted 4 kids… Always.. However, after 3 kids, I thought I had retired from the baby making business. So a while back, we found out we had a baby on the way. I can’t explain the joy and peace expecting our new baby has brought, or the cravings for food that have followed. I get so emotional easily, in fact right now I’ve started crying from joy again. I’m sharing this with you my family, hanging on this day 1,growing with my family and I and always all the love. I love you all right back. Baby Okojie 2020 getting ready. God bless you all!!! “

See photos below ;

Congratulations mama..

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